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Our 2016-17 Story Series focuses waves of immigrants to CA farm fields and their innovations that helped to build the California agricultural industry. This series will introduce you to agricultural innovators whose names you might not know, and break down the commonly held misconception that California farming is simply a product of science, technology and a lot of capital. Waves of immigrants from all over the world came (and are still coming!) to California's fields, bringing with them cultural, ecological and agricultural knowledge that has helped to build this industry. 

We're currently in story research phase-- please reach out if you have ideas, resources or archives (including sound archives for our podcasts) that relate to this story series theme! We'll also be curating the stories a bit differently this time around, treating this Story Hub as a true hub of information from a wide variety of sources. If you have papers, video, pictures or other relevant items that you'd like to post here, please get in touch! You can email Project Director Ildi Carlisle-Cummins at icarlisle-cummins[at] or use the contact us page on this site.


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